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The Crown Campaign

CROWN Campaign is an interdisciplinary team and growing village of grassroots advocates across the nation in academia, business, policy, journalism, research, health, law, the arts, and community who have lived experiences of hair discrimination, know of those impacted by hair discrimination, and have been engaging voices from around the country and globe on experiences with hair discrimination. ​

For Natural Hair


And Open


A Respectful


A grassroots community effort aimed at combating discrimination of all forms to build a culture of health and ​equity.

Help end hair discrimination!  It is currently legal to discriminate against a person because of their natural hair or protective hairstyle in all but a few states!  Hair discrimination is, and has always been, a continued course of racial injustice with economic consequences for Black people.  The CROWN Act makes hair discrimination illegal.

Now What?  Take ACTION!

Sign the petition and help end hair discrimination


Send an email or letter to your STATE & FEDERAL Representatives

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Pass the CROWN Act
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