Edge Smoothing Gel 4oz.

Edge Smoothing Gel 4oz.

SKU: 8-58837-00218-2

This edge control helps to give your edges a silky-soft, straight, relaxed look all while adding extra moisturizing and conditioning agents to your hair and scalp.


  • Alcohol-Free Formula
  • Does Not Flake 
  • No White Build-Up
  • Conditions, Shines & Smoothes your Edges/Hairline
  • Non-Greasy, Flexible Hold
  • Conditions and Protects Dry, Damaged Hair


Works Great on Both Relaxed and Natural Hair Styles!


Perfect for Braids & Dreadlocks!

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NexSheen Arganics® is specially formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Argan Oil of Morocco to give you a lightweight, natural remedy to repair damaged hair while locking in moisture and improving your hair’s shine and luster. By combining these two exotic oils, NexSheen Arganics® is able to deliver double the amounts of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids as Olive Oil can alone, and deliver them directly into the hair shaft, for healthy, nourished hair. 

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