NexSheen Arganics Product Review Focus Group
Details & Instructions

Please complete the review template for each* of the below items:

  1. Edge Smoothing Gel

  2. Hair & Scalp Gro Treatment

  3. Neutralizing & Clarifying Shampoo

  4. Infinite Repair Conditioning Treatment

*If you have not tried a particular item above, please email us and request a sample.   Alternatively, you can purchase a full-sized item here.  

You do not have to complete all of the reviews at once.  Feel free to come back, at your leisure to complete.  All reviews must be completed by MONDAY OCTOBER 26 2020.

As another way to show our gratitude, we would like to send you a full-sized product of your choice, when you complete all 4 main product reviews. Please send us an email to request your free NexSheen Arganics item!  

*All pictures must be ORIGINAL/YOURS!  Please do not use stock photos or re-use our photos. 


Of course, there's more!!  

We're also going to give away a gift basked of Black Owned products valued at over $250 to 1 lucky participant!!! You'll automatically get an entry for every one (1) review you complete.  That means you can get a minimum of six (6) entries per person! 

AdditionalWays to Get Entries:

  1. Send in additional photographs (in addition to the 1 required.  Before & After, Stylized Shots, Selfies, etc.)

  2. Create video(s) for your review -- This includes Boomerangs, Short Clips, etc.

  3. Additional reviews (You can submit additional reviews, for how the product works on your children or spouse.)

  4. Basically, you can get more entries for anything extra to make your review more dynamic and for additional people! 


All reviews, photographs and videos submitted become property of M3 Cosmetic Labs (USA), LLC.   The Makers of NexSheen Arganics haircare products.

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NexSheen Arganics® is specially formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Argan Oil of Morocco to give you a lightweight, natural remedy to repair damaged hair while locking in moisture and improving your hair’s shine and luster. By combining these two exotic oils, NexSheen Arganics® is able to deliver double the amounts of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids as Olive Oil can alone, and deliver them directly into the hair shaft, for healthy, nourished hair. 

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